Luminous Smart Technologies

Creating Intelligence | Without Re-engineering


Tired of your old building with multiple systems? Let a Luminous installation help you integrate those systems to create more intelligent, efficient and fast responses. Luminous Smart Technologies create Intelligence | Without Re-engineering.


We can connect you to your building like never before. Immediate notifications, lightning responses.


We can protect your building by creating efficient and secure channels between communications, surveillance, fire and safety, and of course your staff and guests.


Luminous Smart Technologies can integrate an almost unlimited number of systems. Making the management of your facility or building safer, more secure, efficient and smart. The smarter your systems the smarter Luminous will be.


A Luminous installation can integrate your environment command and control systems. This can range from elevators, escalators and HVAC to name a few. We can integrate an almost unlimited number of systems. Contact Us to check!


A Luminous installation can combine all your communication channels to aid with emergency response, staff management and many other scenarios. When Luminous is connected to a PABX it can make as many simultaneous calls as your system can handle, linking multiple front-line staff to guests, emergency services and management. This can be linked to other communication channels such as Public Announcement systems, email, SMS and other digital notifications.

Emergency Response

Luminous Smart Technologies can integrate multiple emergency response systems to help ensure the safety of your building, more importantly the safety of your staff and guests. This includes systems such as Fire Panels, Fire Alarms, and many other emergency systems.

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