Luminous Alarm Management Systems

Alarm Management equals Increased efficiency, improved safety and reduced costs.

Luminous provides real-time alarm and alert notification infrastructure to help hotels, hospitals, commercial and utility premises improve response times and reduce costs with our internationally proven alarm management technology.

How prepared is your organisation to deal with an emergency?

WHS guidelines require organisations to facilitate regular training sessions. Procedures must be clearly documented and communicated to staff. Despite all this, experience shows that responses in emergencies are slow. Staff often forget key parts of their training and visitors never receive training. An Alarm Management System can help.

Does your organisation have an integrated Alarm Management System?

Integration means faster, more efficient responses in emergencies. Integration leads to cost savings. Integration and automation protects human capital and technical infrastructure.

Does your Alarm Management System allow you the flexibility to define incident response teams and escalation paths?

An Alarm Management System plays a key role in the implementation of an organisation’s Emergency Response Plan. The ability to automate parts of your initial response to an emergency allows your staff to focus on managing and coordination tasks.

Do you have to configure and maintain alarms in each of your technical systems?

A modern Alarm Management System will monitor all your technical equipment. Luminous will connect to air conditioning systems, pumps, lift systems and integrate them seamlessly with your communication systems. Notifications are sent as a voice message, text message, smartphone app and/or email depending on the severity of the alarm.