Luminous Terminology.

Notification Channel

This is a generic term used to refer to a method of notifying a person or passing on a message to a person.  The most widely used notification channels include voice calls to a land line or mobile phone, email, SMS or a message sent to a smartphone app.  However, depending on the situation and the organization other channels might include two way radio, LED display panel, strobe light or a PA system to name just a few.

Response Scenario

Basically this refers to how Luminous will respond when an event (e.g. duress alarm, lift fault) is triggered. Who will be notified and how. It can be as simple as an SMS, email or a single voice call to a pre-defined number with no acknowledgement.  In response to a major event such as a fire or an external threat the response can be comprehensive. A comprehensive response might as a priority include mobilising a group of first responders with call acknowledgement and escalation. Then informing management or other appropriate hotel staff, while allowing selected staff to monitor the progress of the Response Scenario in real time.

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