Total Facilities Expo 2018 Free Building Audit

During the Total Facilities Expo this year, TTA is offering a free ½ day consulting. If you are interested in smart technology and what it could do for your building or organisation contact us and speak to one of our experts. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain an understanding about what smart technology can do for you building. A building audit is an excellent, risk free way for you to figure whether integrating services could be beneficial.

What we will do

  • Interview you to discuss where problem areas in your building are.
  • Identify with your assistance those systems in your building that you feel would benefit from smart technology.
  • Create a list of systems and equipment in your building outlining how they can be connected to a smart technology hub.
  • As necessary contact maintenance contractors to clarify whether a building system can be connected to a smart technology hub.

What you will get

  • A full report identifying weaknesses in building systems and how they can be addressed with the introduction of smart technology.
  • What other opportunities exist to improve the efficiency and security of your building once smart technology has been installed.

What you can expect

  • A better understanding of smart technology, its strengths and weaknesses.
  • What cost savings can be achieved with the implementation of smart technology.
  • How your building, its occupants and/or tenants can benefit from the implementation of smart technology.
  • How well implemented smart technology can continue to serve your building as you upgrade systems in your building in the future.

Luminous – Connected Intelligence

Note. Offer is for buildings in Sydney, Australia. Other locations through negotiation.

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