Technical problems, equipment failures, fire or water damage and similar incidents can have costly consequences for a business. In order to guarantee the safety of individuals, groups and infrastructure within an organisation, a rapid response to incidents is essential.

Luminous Smart Buildings guarantee that the right people can intervene to protect persons and infrastructure at the earliest possible time to minimise any adverse outcomes.



Luminous Smart Buildings support a wide range of industry standard protocols, making integrating your systems easier. Connecting and configuring Luminous to your internal systems is a quick and efficient process. Luminous’ support for industry standard protocols is complemented by TTA’s experience in integrating systems like InnerRange security systems, Siemens fire panels, Fidelio and Rebag check-in/out systems and ThyssenKrupp elevators to name just a few. Luminous’ powerful integration tools means we can easily integrate legacy or technical systems like pumps, motors and air conditioning systems. Luminous’ adherence to industry standards means that your investment in a leading automation solution is protected into the future. Luminous allows you to upgrade or replace connected systems with a minimum of fuss.


Luminous’ modular design continues through to the output options, meaning you can add output modules to suit your requirements. Available modules include a voice module to handle notifications via your PBX (telephone system), an SMTP module to allow you to email notifications and reports, a GSM module to allow sending of notifications as SMS or the smartphone module to push notifications to the Luminous iPhone and Android app. Luminous is officially certified by major PBX vendors and fully tested with most PBXs. Luminous sophistication and tight integration with the PBX means that up to 270 simultaneous voice connections are supported, as well as advanced DECT control features. On request custom interfaces can be implemented to push out notifications via PA systems, LED panels or others. Support for all the major PBX vendors means that you can easily upgrade or replace your current PBX without the need to replace your Luminous Smart Building solution.



Response Scenarios

A core strength of Luminous is its capacity to accept and process alarm signals from a varying array of input systems, as well as pushing out notifications via a range of output channels. At the heart of Luminous and what makes it truly unique, is its ability to create complex scenarios and dependencies surrounding those inputs and outputs. Luminous can easily and automatically contact a small, or a large team, informing them of the details and even bring them together on a conference call to discuss the situation. Luminous will also allow you to create rosters and enter holidays so that you’re sure the right person will always be notified.

Building evacuations often cause confusion. Luminous can instruct tenants or guests in their language of choice on the evacuation procedure for their office, room or unit. Luminous will also provide the security
team with real time updates on who has responded and a printed and/or email report for the arriving emergency services. Alarm flood situations can be avoided because Luminous can be configured to recognise that in fact the 50 alarm signals from technical equipment is in fact due to a general power outage. Luminous will prioritise the power outage alarm to ensure it is dealt with first. Your Luminous Smart Building solution will not only respond automatically to alarms and alerts from connected systems. With Luminous, you can manually initiate an incident response from any internet browser or in fact from any telephone, mobile or even via an email or SMS message. This allows your organisation to respond immediately to any situation unfolding inside or outside of the premises.

It is these Response Scenarios that can truly make smart buildings. Interested? 

Reporting and Data Analysis

Technical infrastructure in buildings represents a huge capital investment and dependent on the age of your building will not include intelligence or "smarts". Traditionally decisions related to maintenance, refurbishment or replacement have been less than scientific and based more on recommendations from suppliers. But sound business decisions are informed ones based on facts. You may already wish you had this information at your fingertips or you may be asking why you would want it in the first place. Soon you will be asking yourself how you’ve gotten by without it up until now? To keep infrastructure performing at the standard needed to uphold business reputation and service customers, Luminous receives information from the attached systems to generate alarms and notifications for early response. However, only some of the information processed by Luminous requires an action and will trigger a response scenario. Luminous will store all of the information received in a secure relational database, so that reports can be generated and analysis of the data performed. Luminous brings meaning to unstructured machine data in critical areas including spend control, maintenance schedules and contract performance. Being able to ground your business decisions in operating data through Luminous Reporting and Data Analysis, removes the need for multiple reporting interfaces and gives insight into priorities that present greatest opportunity. Current and historic operations data will show you which areas or parts of a system are causing issues and require attention. Should you be investing in a better maintenance contract, new equipment, a different supplier or all of those? With our Reporting and Data Analytics capabilities we can make old facilities into smart buildings. 

Interested in a Luminous Smart Building?

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